Logging In/Registering



Uploading Documents

Deleting Documents

Logging In/ Registering

Question: I’ve registered and set my password, but I keep getting an error message when I try to log in.

1. First, make sure you’re logging in on the right page. The logo in the upper left-hand corner will indicate which foundation’s page you are on. If you are attempting to log in on the general Pacific Foundation Services (PFS) page, which has the PFS logo in the upper left-hand corner, you will get an error message. If you are on the PFS page, you can use the links provided to access an individual. foundation.

Foundation Login

2. Next, make sure that your computer hasn’t stored your temporary password by clearing your internet cookies.

3. If you are still unable to log in, please call or email our office and our staff can reset your password for you. Specific phone and email information is listed under the Contact page on our website.

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Question: I’ve noticed a lot of old contacts, can I delete them?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete a staff person from the system. However, you can edit their title by adding the word FORMER (i.e. FORMER Executive Director), which will alert our staff to the fact that the staff person is no longer with your organization.

Question: How do I add the Executive Director (or another staff person) as a contact?

1. Start by clicking on the link for your organization profile:

Org Profile

2. Then, in the upper left hand corner, click on New and select Contact from the drop down menu:

New Contact

3. Using the new contact form, enter the contact’s information:

New Contact Form

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Question: Why am I seeing so many draft proposals?

If you click the New Proposal icon, instead of the Current Proposals icon on your homepage, you will automatically create a new draft. Once you have started a draft, please always be sure to access it using the Current Proposals icon and NOT the New Proposal icon.

Question: How do I access a saved draft of a proposal I’m working on?

Click on the Current Proposals icon on your home page:

Current Proposals

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Uploading Documents

Where do I upload my 501c3 letter? 

1. Your organization’s 501c3 letter should be uploaded to the organization profile, which means you won’t need to upload it each time you submit a proposal. First, go to the Organization Profile from the home page:

Org Profile

Or, you can also access the Organization Profile from the menu on the upper right hand corner:

2. At the bottom of the Organization Profile, under Documents to Upload, there is a section to upload your 501c3 letter:

501c3 Letter

3. Upload the letter here. You will not see the document listed until you hit the save button at the bottom of the organization profile:


Question: I’ve uploaded all of the required documents, but I keep getting an error message when I try to submit, saying I haven’t uploaded all the required documents.

1. This may be because you have uploaded the documents in the wrong place. The documents should be uploaded using the links below the description of the file that is being requested:


2. Double check the documents you have uploaded to make sure that you’ve used the link below the description and not the link above. If you’ve uploaded the documents to the wrong section, please delete them, and upload them again to the correct section.

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Deleting Documents

Question: How do I delete a file I’ve uploaded?

1. Find the document you’d like to delete, and click on the multiple files or single file button:

Deleting Multiple Docs  OR  Deleting Upload

2. Then, check the box next to the document(s) you’d like to delete, and click delete:

Deleting Multiple Docs  OR   Deleting Upload

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